Monday, December 16, 2013

The Stockings Were Hung . . .

Ever wonder where the tradition of hanging stockings at Christmas originated? A little story about a nobleman and his three daughters is one such theory. Wikipedia also writes about this same story as well as other tid bits of information. Another theory comes from Holland.

Regardless of its origin, children around the world hang stockings on Christmas Eve. Here are a few stockings (some with patterns) that you might like to make over the winter for next Christmas! There is always someone in need of a new stocking.
Here's a crazy quilted stocking I made ages ago. It's all small pieces stitched with machine satin stitch.


  1. In my husband's German family, they had Christmas plates instead of stockings, and we continued the tradition. But our daughter wanted stockings! So when she was 16, I made her a cross-stitch stocking, with the promise of a stocking a year, her choice of design, until she was sick of them. She got 16 stockings before I quit, sometimes I wanted to try a new technique, like hardanger or a quilted one, so made my suggestions - and eventually our boys each got one, and now all their spouses have a stocking, plus one 'family' stocking for each of them. With our first grandchild due this coming year, I'm looking forward to making a baby stocking - and there are others who occasionally request a stocking. But we still put out the Christmas plates on Christmas morning in our house!!!! Ah, tradition! Thanks for all the ideas!

  2. That’s very interesting regarding the Christmas plates. What is more amazing – all the stocking you have made over the years.
    Thanks for sharing.