Monday, December 30, 2013

Dollar Shop Finds

I just got a chuckle from the latest newsletter from the Eastern Edge Quilt Guild. The editor usually highlights a web site or two that she found interesting. This time, the focus was on organizing ideas for quilting. Why did I get a chuckle? Well, for a couple of years, I looked after the organizing of the monthly programs, which included Ideas and Tips to Share. I would usually have one or two fantastic finds that I purchased at the local Dollar Shop. It got to be a regular part of the evening - Judy & her $ Shop finds!

Here's some of the things I found:
  • small plastic containers with lids to organize beads, buttons, bobbins,seam binding . . .
  • embellishments (beads, ribbon, yarns, glitter glue, glitter, buttons , , ,)
  • cheap scissors for cutting wire
  • folders with zippers for organizing patterns, applique pieces, small sewing projects . . .
  • jumbo plastic bags
  • nylon laundry bags for transporting quilts
  • hooks
  • office supply containers
  • heavy clear glass vases
The site recommended (with me in mind) is Organize Your Whole House.

Have a look at some of my great finds!

Portable doggie water cup holds threads

Glass vases

Magnetic Memo Board

Command Hooks

Pencil case and sharpener

Office Supply Baskets

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