Monday, December 2, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

Welcome to December (one day late)! It seems that people are putting up their Christmas Trees earlier every year here in St. John's. As I was driving home last evening, I could see brightly lit trees through the windows. Many houses had the outdoor lights on last week. My house won't be decorated until the master bathroom renovations are completed. That will hopefully be tomorrow. The flooring is going on today. The other bathroom will not interfere with downstairs decorating once the new  tub and surround are removed from my main hallway. We had to open up the wall between the bathrooms to remove the old tub in one room so two bathrooms had to be renovated.

I have been working on some felting as you can see from the photo. The colourful background will eventually become felted tree ornaments. Usually I do several felted sheets and put them aside until they are needed.

To get into the spirit of Christmas (very difficult to do when things are topsy turvy around the house), here are some trees for future projects. I don't know about you, but I like to collect things for reference later as you never know what new ideas emerge.

Many of these projects are quick and easy to do so you might get one done for Christmas!

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