Sunday, August 11, 2013

Prairie Shop Quilts

It's time to continue with my 'shop hop'. We are an hour's drive from Chicago and going into the city just about every day doesn't leave much time to blog. By the time I get back in the evening, it's almost bedtime. However, it's amazing the things you see while driving. Have you ever seen an eighteen wheeler do a U-Turn in the middle of an intersection? Last week, as we were stopped at a red light, waiting to go onto the Interstate, a large transport truck did just that! Needless to say, the back tires did a screeching sound as they turned. I didn't even have my camera ready. It would have made a great photo.

I Googled some quilt shops and found three in the area of Leisure Lake Resort, Joliet, IL. We drove about an hour to find out that two of them are no longer in existence. I was reminded that a phone call in future might be in order! However, the third place, Prairie Shop Quilts, Batavia, IL, was still operating. It is a lovely shop with very friendly sales ladies who were only too delighted for me to take photos around the store.

Of course, I had to purchase a few batiks! I asked if there were any other shops close by. To my delight, I found out that there was a three month Northern Illinois Quilt Fest going on. Boy, was I excited! At least this trip, I will get to a few of these and I have a list for next year to explore.

The Prairie Shop Quilts website has lots of photos of its shop. Please take a few minutes to view them.
Here are a few of mine.

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  1. Great pics.Love all those animal quiltlets. Thanks for sharing.