Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Sewing Store

I'm trying to play catch up with some of the places I visited while in the Chicago area. It was difficult to do a daily blog with an hour commute each way to and fro Chicago to our home base at Leisure Lake Resort.

On one of the few days we decided to stay 'home', I discovered The Sewing Store in a small plaza in Joliet, IL. There is a sister store in Morris, IL.

This shop, in Joliet, specializes in sewing and embroidery machines (Brother, Bernina) plus all the necessary accessories to go with them! I took other photos of the shop but discovered they are in a format not compatible with blogger (too big) and I don't have the software with me to convert them to jpg. I discovered this after I was outside thus the sign was taken as a jpg.

What was interesting: another lady came into the store while we were there. She over heard that we were travelling from the eastern part of Canada and got curious. To make a long story short, her grandmother and uncle are from St. John's, Newfoundland and she had visited there as a child. You never know who you will meet!


  1. Too bad we can't see pictures from inside the store. Oh well. :) I love talking to people when I'm travelling, and finding out their stories. It's wonderful, the things you discover just from talking to people.


  2. When I get home I'll have access to my other computer, then I'll be able to convert the photos to jpg and post later.

  3. I am enjoying reading about your travels and seeing your photos. Isn't it amazing how many people have connections to Newfoundland? Love it!

  4. What a lovely encounter! We followed a camper from BC through the Matapedia valley the other day - I would so have loved to be able to talk to those travellers ....

  5. What a great collection of photos