Monday, August 12, 2013

Robert's Sewing Center: A Quilter's Paradise

Robert's Sewing Center was next on my 'shop hop' following Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia and it happens to be close to the RV Park. What a place! At first glance, you find yourself surrounded by sewing and embroidery machines and accessories. Walking a little further to the right and past the sales desk, is a whole other world of fabrics, books, patterns, accessories / tools and quilts. Two large classrooms are adjacent to the over 7000 bolts of cotton fabrics which line the walls and center aisle! I didn't know which way to turn. Thankfully, my husband met Robert and they had a lengthy conversation about sewing and embroidery machines. In fact, I was finished my exploring and purchasing before they were.

I was permitted to take photos as long as I didn't photograph the quilts on display. The sales staff were very friendly and helpful. I did find a rather large selection of batiks at the back of the store.

There is also an upstairs which looks down on the first floor. Robert has a collection of commercial as well as antique machines for sale. All along the upper wall are beautiful quilts. The patterns are available for purchase.

There are quite a few photos so I think I will show them in a couple of posts. Tomorrow there will be some views from the balcony. Please check out the shop's web site for more photos and lots more!


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