Monday, July 8, 2013

Sewing Projects

Quilters are a great bunch! They don't mind sharing their 'finds' with others. Here are a few sewing ideas that were passed on to me and I'm sending them on to you!

For Show & Tell, one quilter brought in a great travel iron tote she had received as a gift. At the time, I didn't pay too much attention to it as my iron usually stays at home. That was then. So far, I have lugged my iron to 3 - 4 classes. I think I need one of those totes! Well, yesterday, I discovered a free pattern for one which I will share with you HERE. I wish I had one already but it will have go on my To Do List for the fall. Did I say that when opened up, it also converts to an ironing surface?

A Dollar Shop Project made by a member, was a great hit at the June meeting of the Eastern Edge Quilters: Eyeglass Case to Sewing Kit. This is just perfect for slipping in your bag when you need a small sewing kit. I wonder how many of these will appear at the September Show & Tell! Another Travel Sewing Kit pattern can be found HERE.

Another excellent sewing project that I found, is a portable design wall. This one is very easy to make as shown in the video. Mind you, it isn't suitable for full size quilts but it is great to take to a class or on vacation. Now I have a use for some laminated fabric I purchased last year while vacationing in Chicago.

I have been looking at these fabric baskets for awhile. They would make excellent mini garbage containers for the car, especially if it's lined with plastic or that laminated fabric I just mentioned and has a longer loop stitched on it. Actually, I was thinking it would be great for the driver and passenger seats for any motor home. It could hang on the seat belt hook.

I hope you fine these links useful. Any of the above would also make great gifts.



  1. Thanks for sharing the links... I made a couple baskets today similar to those.. Christmas baskets! lol! I"ll be posting tomorrow if you'd like to take a look! :)

  2. Great ideas Judy....I have a book on fabric bowls. I haven't made on in a dogs