Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Couldn't Resist!

Whenever I enter a shop with anything to do with textile art, I feel like an explorer! What will I discover this time is always on my mind. Sometimes the finds are rather plain but with potential. I was at the cutting counter at Joanne's the other day waiting to get some glittery tulle cut (stiff I can't get home). A young lady was getting yards and yards of a cheap medium weight cotton canvas cut. I found out she works with oils. She said a coat of gesso on the canvas and it is as good as the expensive stuff. The fabric was $5.00 yd. I did pick up a couple of yards. You never know how it will get used!

The yarn shop had lots of lovely yarns. I did buy one skein of blue glittery stuff.

My largest find so far, was at The Fabric Center. A few yards of batiks found their way into my shopping bag as well as a Christmas panel and some pre-cut hexagons.

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  1. I'm loving your road trip, and all your goodies you are accumulating. Are you seeing anything other than quilt stores?! Maybe you have a photo or two of the scenery you could show us.