Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red, White and Blue

Happy 4th of July to family and friends living in the USA. Hopefully the weather is great wherever you are. We are having fabulous weather here in St. John's, NL (at least for the past few days).

Check out last year's post HERE.

From my garden, I present to you: Red, White & Blue!

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  1. I'm really commenting on your previous blog about Elaine Quehl. I am ever so thankful for your link to the VidCast with Bonnie McCaffery. WOW!!! I purchased Susan Knapps " Point, click, quilt" after seeing it on your blog and am working on the Agave workshop. I just about died when I saw what Elaine did with her photos of hostas in the VidCast. With all our hot humid weather in PEI so far this year, my hostas are absolutely humungous and i have the most amazing photos of them. There is one photo in particular I want to do as the angle of the sun captured the colours amazingly, so i was totally overwhelmed, to say the least with what you had in your blog about Elaine and to see she has already done hostas, and so beautifully. You have an amazing talent Judy, and I am still in wonder of that lovely yellow building you created in fabrics. Your blog is a fountain of information, always. Thank you so much! Enjoy the heat!