Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Part Three: Incorporating Paper into Wedding Decor and Gifts by Guest Blogger, Laura Holden

Paper Craft for Décor and Gifts

Perhaps a paper wedding dress or suit isn’t quite a good idea (although it has been done!) but apart from that, there are few limits on what you can create in the way of décor and gifts for weddings. There are so many ways to use paper—from quilling and quilting, to scrap-booking and paper-folding—that it’s possible to decorate an entire wedding simply using various types of paper. Starting with hand-designed and hand-made wedding invitations such as those by Kerry at Kerry’s Paper Crafts. Other decorative items that can be hand-made using paper include coasters, place cards, menus, and gift boxes. Tissue-paper-thin decorations can look ethereally lovely, especially when paired with well-placed spot lighting.

Even the bride’s bouquet (not to mention center-pieces) can be crafted from paper, and surprisingly enough, a classical, elegant look can be obtained using sheets from old books. These roses are made by paper-crafter Valerie Lloyd, and a tutorial for making these pretty blooms is provided by 100 Layer Cake.

Paper quilting and quilling both lend themselves to the wedding theme extremely well. Mixed media collage artist Michaela Laurie, has developed several paper quilting techniques which involve piecing together paper and sewing it just like a quilt. A quite different technique with a similar name, paper quilling is the practice of rolling, shaping, and gluing paper in decorative shapes and patterns. The technique was developed during the renaissance period and popularized during the eighteenth century. Recently rediscovered, the art of quilling has been transformed by the multitude of colors and paper types now available. Quilling techniques have become highly intricate, as seen in this example by Manuela Koosch of Quilling by Manuk. Both quilting and quilling can be used to create extraordinary works of art that make wonderful wedding gifts, and of course are perfect for traditional first anniversary gifts.

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  1. Paper is easy to work with,many designers have uset it for their creations, poeple just moved away from it but i have noticed that its coming back in various ways of usage.

  2. I've seen a wedding where origami themed wedding it was really nice and fun. The fancy artwork were used as a centerpiece and photo design.