Monday, June 24, 2013


A few days ago I purchased several pieces of chiffon at Fabricville. They had a sale of buy one, get two free. Not one to pass up a bargain . . . ! I bought several colours as I liked the patterns and figured they might be useful for foliage and flowers. I hadn't stitched much chiffon before with free motion and I wasn't disappointed as it worked the same as organza. It was also easy to burn with the stencil cutter. Now I have a wider range of colours to use for making foliage and flowers. I thought I had three pieces of green but when I got home the limy green I really wanted wasn't there. It had stripes like the pink in the corner of the photo. Guess I have to take another trip to the store. This time I'll make sure the bolts are left on the table before someone quickly puts them back. I usually check to see that I have the fabrics I want but this time I didn't! 



  1. Amazing what we can find and experiment with in our forays to the fabric store. I'm curious to see where this is leading you to.

    1. Eventually the foliage and flowers I make, will go into a future textile landscape. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Very interesting technique. Makes great leaves.