Saturday, June 2, 2012

Quilt Canada, NS, 2012

This is the Quilt Canada 2012, Seams Like Home, weekend, Halifax, Nova Scotia. It will probably be awhile before we see photos of the National Juried Show (NJS) quilts. However, I did find Scrapmaster, a blog from Nova Scotia. There you will find some photos of the quilts from the Mayflower Quilters. Scroll down a bit further and you will see some of the Trend-Tex Challenge entries to Quilt Canada and the Miniature Challenge.

On the Quilt Canada site you can view the winners to the Trend-Tex Challenge HERE and there is a list of the National Juried Show winners HERE (no photos yet).



  1. You always show such interesting things, where will I find the time to just look at them, never mind try some.............

  2. Agree with Regina wholeheartedly! As I sit lakeshore in northern Ontario with my 88 year old Mom at a cottage for a few days!