Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Time flies these days! I'm a tad late wishing Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians. Also a special thank you to all the followers of my site (those who have joined and those who have my blog book marked). You are much appreciated. To celebrate Autumn, here are some related quilting and stitching projects to keep you busy:
  • The Painted Quilt has quite a few free seasonal projects. They have a freebie each Friday. Check out their past ones.
  • Accuquilt has an Autumn Applique Wall Hanging. Just download 12 free quilt patterns here. Scroll down to find the wall hanging.
  • Quilt Inspiration has lots of stuff! I'm not into Halloween but for those of you who like to go spooky, check it out. Use Internet Explorer as Firefox doesn't show all the photos!
  • Quilted Autumn Decor can be found at Fabric Flair. Click the photos to get your downloadable patterns.
  • Harvest Traditions from McCall's Quilting is a lap quilt to try.
  • Combine stitching and quilting with this Autumn Welcome Banner from Free Patterns


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  1. we had a great Thanksgiving, record breaking temperatures.Off to check out your links.