Saturday, October 22, 2011


Last year, when I travelled to Endland on a textile tour, I purchased an ipad. I used it to check my hot mail account and to send email back home. It also became my photo storage device. Instead of taking multiple camera memory cards, I transferred my photos to the ipad. That worked amazingly well. It was great to check my blog and to keep up to date on other blogs (when there was time).

It doesn't work as well for me when composing blog posts. I am so used to using multiple screens when composing my posts that this little device doesn't measure up. I don't have a separate key pad and that has issues. With the touch pad on the screen, I still haven't discovered if I can copy and paste easily. I have managed to frustrate myself with it. As a result, the previous posts, since the 18th of October, were composed at home as I'm visiting Chicago at the moment. I think I have three more of those yet to post!

If time permits, and I still have internet access, I will write a few lines and post them.

Since I don't have any new links for you today, check out links on other blogs. You might be surprised to see the things that interest them. Sometimes it's related to their own work and sometimes not.


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