Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yesterday, the grass across the road was green! Yes, green for January 12 - a first. Today St. John's got the tail end of the snow storm that came up the eastern seaboard. Here's the large tree on the front lawn. The next two photos of my back yard were taken just after dark. The globe lights shine through the snow. It's interesting to see the difference with and without the flash.
You will find lots of free snowmen quilt patterns here and here.
Build a snowman, make a Quilt! from Husqvarna
Snowman quilt and more.
Snuggle Snowmen Quilt Tutorial
Snowman Quilt pattern

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  1. Judy, I read a lot of blogs with the sketchbook challenge featured. Its a wonderful thing....I always kept one age 16-30 then somehow it went by the boards....must start again.