Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sketchbook 01

I did sign up for the sketchbook challenge. I have to admit that drawing isn't my strong point, although when I take my time, I can copy fairly well. Here's the first thing I did in this year's sketchbook. Yes, I do keep journals, sketchbooks or notebooks of the work I do. However, they usually hold a lot more than just sketches such as samples of dyed fabric, stitching / experiments, lists, recipes for mixing paints, dyes, etc. A few years back I was glad I kept a journal as I had forgotten how I did something. I looked through my journals and found it. Since then, I usually do a write-up for anything new I do.

Highly Prized is the January Theme for the sketchbook challenge. My page above lists many of the things in my studio which I highly prize!
Check out the group page on Flickr.

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