Thursday, January 6, 2011

Totally Baby!

This post is totally dedicated to babies! It's so easy to just go buy things for the little ones but if you want to personalize a gift, you have to make it! Some new moms also want to use hand crafted items. I have found some interesting things for you to make. Check these out! Most of them are freebies.

Baby On The Go Diaper Bag  and Baby Burp Cloths & Bib Set from Moda Bakeshop
Burp Cloths from Homemade Mamas
Patterns for Bibs! Lots more here at Sewing Support
A variety of baby crafts
Vanilla Joy has a Tablecloth Bib Tutorial
Baby Bibs from Martha Stewart
Knitted baby sweater
Bitty Booties to sew
Miniature Applique Quilt 
Vintage Toy Baby Elephant from Baby Bloggie
Kimono Baby Bootie Shoes

1 comment:

  1. knitted baby sweaters is working well...I've printed off a couple (latest grandchild expected any day) Thanks.