Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hand Embroidered Circles - Instastitchwithsue

Blogger has decided to introduce a change on how we post to the internet. This change in method, is very similar to Word Press, which I am learning how to do. A new web site design, for my work, is coming soon. There will be a new blog on that site which will focus on the work I do in my studio. I will still use this blogger and link it back to the new site. Thanks to my husband for taking on this task.

Below is # 62 from the free stitching with Sue Spargo's, instastitchwithsue from Instagram. This is a Red-Spotted Guard Crab. Since a purple circle was the next one to use, it fitted in with the actual colour of this species of crab.

Stitches for this design include: chain stitch, trellis stitch, bullion knots and French knots.

Here's a few other embroidered little critters. They aren't perfect, far from it. I decided early on that I wouldn't pull out any stitching unless it was absolutely wonky on the eye! Variegated thread often brings its own colour scheme - sometimes when you don't want that to happen. For example, the little green owl has odd colours from the thread used and the lamb has two different leg colours.


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  1. So cute! Interesting to study the different stitches you've used.