Thursday, July 11, 2019

Three Churches and a Lobster

Two new shimmers have finally made it into stitch!! These make lovely window catchers and great Christmas Ornaments.
I was asked to design a shimmer of the Three Churches of Mahone Bay and a lobster. Thanks to my husband, who does all the technical drawings for the embroidery machines.

These lobsters are drying outside on the clothes line. This could never have happened in our old home in St. John's, NL as it was way too windy.  Did you know that according to a documentary by CBC Radio a few years ago, St. John's is the third windiest city on the planet? Not what I would want to be famous for, that's for sure.  I actually bought my first out door garment without a hood, when I moved here to Nova Scotia.
Hanging on the clothes line.

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  1. Two more excellent designs Judy....your DH is a great designer! And how nice that you can use your clothesline for drying. I miss having a clothesline!