Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A New Year

2019!  WOW
We have spent our second Christmas in Nova Scotia. Mind you, we didn't move in until late October, 2017 so about 14 months. During that time we have built me a new studio (among many other projects). That meant everything except exterior walls and ceiling. Ours is a split entrance bungalow so most of the basement is above ground. However, the basement had a shiny cement floor but nothing else done to it. I now have a comfortable, large space with lots of light and electrical plugs. The windows and door still need trim and baseboard has to be installed. Storage units aren't built yet so I'm still using those stainless steel open shelving from Costco (brought them from NL). BUT, I can work to my heart's content!

I'm slowly getting more organized. At least I can find stuff without too much searching. I'm very pleased with all the space I have. Can you guess, I'm excited about that!! I managed to hang a few of my pieces in the room a few days ago. All the hand stitching pieces are class samples. The quilted piece is from a workshop I did with Libby Lehman, in Toronto, years ago.

stitch sampler in wool

top sampler has 50 different stitches 

Row Houses in Hardanger - original design

My first work using free-motion, overlays of tulle and sparkly threads

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  1. Your new studio space must look so bright and cheerful with these pretties hanging on your walls! I keep eyeing the walls in my room and pondering about putting up something new and different. Have to finish the current shovel-out first though!