Thursday, December 27, 2018

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas wherever you are!

Today's post shows a few photos of getting ready for Christmas. I know, this should have been done a few days earlier but life takes over.

Gale decorated her own tree at my house. She chose all my bird ornaments to put on hers. Then she looked over at mine and saw a few things she liked and said "that would look better on my tree"! Of course, you know where they ended up. BUT, it's all about making memories. We had fun.

This is Gale's tree

Tree with Shimmer Ornaments

We had a green Christmas but snow was on the ground when this was taken

My Christmas Pudding from an old recipe mom used to make

Made back in the late '90's

Cookies for Santa that Gale & I baked. She did the decorating!
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  1. Very pretty trees! It was very close to a green Christmas here too, with just a skiff of snow the day before. We spent Christmas Eve at our son and d-i-l's and as we drove further north there was more snow. (btw - could you check the link to the 'Made in Britain' one...doesn't seem to be working from my end).