Thursday, December 13, 2018

Catching Up!!

Where does the time go!!! I can't seem to keep up with posting these days. Last week was a flying visit back to St. John's, NL to visit my Mom who just turned 97 and touch base with friends. I managed to spend a couple of hours at the Eastern Edge Quilt Guild. It was great seeing all the quilters and catching up on news. I did see some of my stitch buddies for our regular Wednesday stitch day afternoon and meet others for tea at Chapters. Smack dab in the middle of my visit, there was a snowstorm which cut into my plans! But, I did do some shopping.

One of my purchases at The Fabric Merchant, was this cute Magnetic Needle Nanny, from Puffin & Company. They had quite a selection to choose from. Sadly, all the cats were gone! However, I do like my elephant. An old friend, who is no longer with us, loved elephants, so this is for you, Nina! You can also see a small part of a stitch project I took with me. It might get finished by next Christmas!

I did do quite a bit of running around while in St. John's. Stay tuned for more from my visit back home.

I can't keep up with links so please visit my blogger friend's site, Magpie's Mumblings, to see what she is doing. She has a way with words and often leaves me in stitches.


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  1. Oh goodness - I have a way with words? Now people are going to go for a visit and find out just how boring my mumblings really are!! (Thank you ). Sounds like you had a lovely time 'away'.