Saturday, June 23, 2018

Chester, NS - Farmer's Market

Yesterday, I drove to Chester, NS, to check out their Farmer's Market. It was the perfect day for a road trip as the weather was sunny and warm. Chester is about 30 minutes from my house in Pine Grove. It isn't a large market but did have a variety of vendors selling baked goods, hot and cold foods, homemade jams, vegetables and fruit, small hooked rugs and wall hangings, wooden boxes and other household items, jewellery, prints / cards from original water colour paintings, ceramics, and flower.
It was an interesting morning.

My one purchase was a small hooked rug mounted on a wide frame which makes it perfect for standing on a table or shelf. Debbie Smith & Donna Fleming are the 'hookers' behind Dsquared Rug Hooking.They were very friendly and offered lots of good advice about local markets and fairs.

After the market, I took a stroll around the picturesque town before heading back home. Here's a view of the bay.

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  1. Wish our farmers market here would take some notes from yours! This past week they opened a second one - run by the same people, with the same vendors, but on a different day. Same stuff on offer. I'm most interested in any crafters that might be displaying, but any that do have the very same stock as they had for the past three years (if not longer). It would be nice if they would allow a few new vendors in, but it seems to be a closed thing.