Sunday, March 25, 2018

From 2008: In All Its Glory

Easter has silently crept upon me! Yesterday, I realized that it's next weekend. Where does the time fly. I wonder how many of you have all your Easter Projects finished and in use? Me, I don't have anything to put out at the moment. With no studio yet and most things still in boxes, I'm managing to keeping up with production orders and not much else. I am chief gopher for studio renovations which is important.

I posted this textile seascape, In All Its Glory, on Instagram and FaceBook today:

Now check out a few links:


  1. ooooooh - your seascape is wonderful!!! Or should I have said it's 'glorious'.
    btw- the link to 21 Free Sewing Patterns for Easter and Spring doesn't seem to be working.