Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Flew the Coop

We had a family of 5 baby birds nesting in the garden just under the overhang of a raised flowerbed. The mama bird was very wary of any one out in the garden and would twitter her displeasure! Today, they flew the coop! For awhile we didn't see them hiding in the flowers. All of a sudden, each one tried to fly up to the next flower bed. A couple had to make several attempts before they got the hang of flying. It was amazing to watch these tiny things take off with the mama bird.



  1. It's amazing to catch such magical moments.

  2. It's magical to watch baby birds fledge - a few years ago we had a family of crows in the spruce tree outside our building - they were such fun to watch. And I guess it won't be long now until you're flying the coop too!