Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sugar Free Quilted Designs

Do you have a quilt or some project in mind for the 150th Anniversary of Canada? I have thought about it but haven't got my act together yet. Renovations and getting ready to move have taken over my life. I picked up a needle last evening and managed a few stitches on a small seascape but that's it.

I have seen a few projects on the internet but the one that I really like is by Nova Scotia Artist, Karen Chase of Sugar Free Quilted Designs. My friend, Linda, at Scrapmaster, tested the pattern that I'm writing about. It has a definite "modern" feel to the design and would look good as a small wall hanging, in a quilt or as a pillow (which is what Linda created below).

permission to use photo from Linda

You can purchase the pattern HERE.

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  1. It's definitely a 'must make' pattern!

  2. It sure is a creative, fun design and a great way to make a project that commemorates our 150th. Thanks for sharing, Judy.

  3. Thanks so much Judy. You're so kind to post about the pattern. Linda makes everything she does look wonderful, doesn't she!!

  4. Some fun Canadian patterns in the links, but I think my favourite is the one you have pictured.

  5. Karen and Linda make a good combination.