Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring in Nova Scotia

It was another beautiful spring day here in Nova Scotia. I spent the morning in Dartmouth, the afternoon in Bridgewater and the evening in Brooklyn (near Windsor). Not looking forward to the cooler temperatures home at the end of the week.

I hope your projects for Mother's Day are well underway.

To my non-facebook friends, here are a few links I found from Facebook Posts:
Crossing the McKay Bridge after lunch, I managed to take this photo of a very large container ship heading into Halifax Harbour.



  1. You are so lucky, Judy, to have found spring in Nova Scotia. So that's where it is! Sure isn't here in Ottawa...after three days of heavy downpours we had snow off and on yesterday and again overnight. All gone now but very cold. Longing for some sunshine.
    Thanks for all the link ups as usual.

  2. That's what blue sky looks like? Would be nice if we saw some here, although the sun did try very hard to shine today.