Monday, September 5, 2016

Quilts with Puppys

Sometimes when I look at all the quilts my sister, Joan, produces, I wish I were doing the same thing. Then I think of the actual procedures for making them and I remember why I'm not making them. I prefer doing the smaller works of art that I design and create. The production work can get a bit tedious at times but very rewarding, especially when I receive little notes of 'thank you' from all over the world.

Well, here's more from Joan. You'll have to wait a bit on 'stuff' from my hands!

Joan does manage to find interesting backgrounds for photographing her quilts! 

Happy Labor Day!!

Pups and Plaid

Showing part of the back of Pups and Plaid

Sunshiny Pups

Back of Sunshiny Pups

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