Friday, September 30, 2016


Well, I finally got Instagram working on my phone, thanks to artist daughter, Jill! She clued me in to using hashtags and generally how to navigate around the site.

I'm just getting started with posting and hope to do so several times a week. You can find me at jcfibreart

Signs of early fall, taken last week on a walk


  1. I just set up on Instagram, this week so I could follow a few, of course, being one of them.

  2. I have Instagram, but only know how to look. Will be visiting my daughter very soon, and she'll show me how to use it. There's so much to learn, and to try to remember, huh?

  3. I just started on IG because this weekend I want to see lots of Rhinebeck fiber pictures, since I can't be there. And so far that is all I have managed to do! It never crossed my mind that I could use it on my phone. You are miles ahead of me!