Friday, July 29, 2016

Thank You and Other Stuff!

I'm overwhelmed by the number of views my posts are generating lately. Thanks so much! It's much appreciated.

I'm having a stay at home day (in the motor home that is). My granddaughter, Gale, is a bit under the weather and just wants to lie around but I'll bet she'll be at my side when I take out some stitching. A couple days ago she asked to work on her rainbow stitching. This project was her own idea. The rainbow is straight not curved as she told me it was her own 'design'. Yes, she used that word! She also has a specific order for the colours. Her other comment, 'Grandma, isn't this so relaxing!' Her mom said that she likes the process of creating. In any case, she likes all things related to fibre and textiles.

I will show you her work when it's finished. Bet you can't guess I'm a proud grandma (GRIN)!

Here's a few sites to visit:
I'm having great internet today! 


  1. Thank you for the link! And, as always, some fun ones to visit too. How wonderful it must be to be able to stitch with your granddaughter - the memories you are creating will last for a lifetime.

  2. Always love to see what you choose to share!!