Monday, December 8, 2014

A Bit of This & That

Today is sunny but brrrrrrr at -10 C! Yesterday it was +10 C. So much for weather in Newfoundland. It can change in the 'wink of an eye' or is it 'blink of an eye"? Whatever! I could write a book on all the changes I make to some of the odd sayings. Changes I don't even realize I've made until someone points it out or it suddenly comes to me that I did it again!

Anyway . . . a good friend was in Scotland this summer and visited The Great Tapestry of Scotland. To quote her "It took my breath away"! The tapestry consists of 160 panels (not connected) and is 143 metres long when put side by side. It's worth a visit to the link above. Be prepared to sit awhile, so get a cup of something to keep you company.

Next, Mary Corbet kindly offered a lovely Christmas Tree pattern to embroider. I did print it out. However, it will be added to my future 'to do list'. Also check out Mary's free embroidery patterns.

The Inspired Wren has a tutorial on making felted Christmas ornaments. It is quite nice and easy to make in felt or paper. Lots of other great tutorials on this site too.

Want to make Christmas Crackers? Go HERE. They can be made in either fabric or paper.

Sew Can She has lots of nice things to make. I like the shark pencil case. Why? My little granddaughter just got a pair of shark slippers from Costco (Chicago) and was delighted to show them to me via Skype!

The Christmas Ornaments from The Red Brolly are just lovely. More 'stuff' to add to my 'to do list'!

I can now close the various links in my browser and search for more ideas to make.


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