Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grumpy Goat Gallery

Today we took a trip around the bay. Ever since The Grumpy Goat Gallery opened a few years ago in Upper Island Cove, I've wanted to make a trek out there. I wasn't disappointed. They have a lovely shop and gallery. I even met Rose and Sophie (two pet goats) and Blanche the cat. It's a good thing I like cats as Blanche decided to make a jump onto my shoulder. She was caught just as she was going to land!  I thought I had a photo of her but sadly, I didn't.

We had afternoon tea in their newly opened Crabby Cat Coffee Shack. My blueberry scone was delicious!! If you want an afternoon tea and sweet, I suggest you pay this little spot a visit! The scenery along the way is a big plus too. Lots to see!

Here's a few photos from their place. Everything is just so colourful and fun!


  1. Thank you Judy for making the trek out there. I do love their artworks. The picture of Rose and Sophie is fabulous. All the best

  2. What a wonderful and whimsical place. I used to have a little black and white goat named Abby. She was cranky sometimes....but very adorable all the time.