Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quilt Market

The spring Quilt Market is one of the current topics of discussion lately in some of the blogs I frequent.

Well, what is Quilt Market?

It is the Wholesale trade show for the Quilt Industry (not open to the general public).

Jaybird Quilts has a very good write-up about Quilt Market. This post is several years old but does answer relevant questions about quilt market in general. However, for the current post from Jaybirds, check in HERE. To the side bar, there is a label for quilt market with 45 references. Usually this is a good place to look for related topics in any blog post (research tool). Jaybirds Quilts also has some interesting tutorials so spend a bit of time looking around.

Here's a link to lots of 2014 photos of Quilt Market. By clicking on the various photos, you can visit  different blogs and web sites with photos from this event. Prepare to feast your eyes on lots of new stuff that will soon be out in the market place.

Lots of inspiration!
Lots of colour!
Food for thought!
What are the currents trends in the market?
What new projects do you want to start in the next 12 months?

These are some of the thoughts going through my head as I quickly clicked on some of the photos.


Sunburst, artist unknown, c. 1875. From the Quilts, Inc., Corporate Collection.

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  1. I've just pinned Sunburst. It's gorgeous. It would be so amazing to actually go to Quilt Market. Someday......maybe.