Friday, November 15, 2013

Fibre Lace Scarves Going to Some Good Market!

I have made a few more scarves for Some Good Market tomorrow here in St. John's. This event has grown to be one of the places to visit for local art and craft. If you are in the area, drop by 8 Military Road. You can't miss it!

My scarves are reversible so there are two photos for each one. Last week I used my 50% coupon at Michael's and purchased the black stand for displaying them.

Side 1A
Side 2A

Side 1B

Side 2B

Side 1C

Side2 C

Side 1D

Side 2 D

Side 1E

Side 2 E


  1. Very talented use of materials! Way to go! These are lovely!

  2. These are lovely scarves! Are these felted?

  3. These scarves are fabulous- I just love the colors - they are spectacular- I am sure that they were a hit at the market..