Monday, February 11, 2013


NO, I didn't misspell the title! My little granddaughter can say 'snow' and 'man' but when she puts them together, it turns out mo'man. She is totally into the snow thing so I decided to make one for her.

I sketched out several images and decided on a front facing one. The black hat is cut from a piece of my 'fantastic' fabric. I used a black base and layered it with different yarns and fibres. Then it was stitched with black Sulky Sliver thread. I also used white felt and scraps of batiks.

Enjoy the links to other snowmen!
Free snowmen patterns from With Heart and Hands
Seasonal Series
Quilt Inspiration - lots of snowmen
Snowmen Ornaments
Holiday Patterns for Embroidery - some snowmen
Ho Ho Snow
Before stitching
After stitching



  1. Cute Mo'man.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment. I have been reading through some of your posts and you have such creative ideas. Thanks also for the pattern links to other sites.

    I am now a follower so I can find my way back ... :) Pat

  2. So cute your little snowman. What a lucky little grandaughter! I will be checking those sites too!

  3. I hope your granddaughter liked her Mo'man. Thanks for the links.