Friday, February 15, 2013


Sometimes it's just nice to sit back and view something a bit different. I like to work on small projects. Here's two examples of my 3-D art pieces: Garden Sewing Box and Treasure's of the Sea.

Below you will also find links to some wonderful 3 - D art work by other textile artists. Enjoy!

Links for some 3-D projects

Jackie's Art Quilts
Erratic Needle
Kathy York's Central Park (amazing video scroll down to the end)
Mad Tea Party
3 Dimensional Flowers by Barb Forrister
Fiber Art by Nancy Schlegel
Textile Artist Village, Lisa Call
Evolution of a Teacup
Quilted Vessels of Kay Khan
Fabric Vessel

Books to Inspire

Exploring Dimensional Quilt Art (book review)
Fantastic Fabric Folding by Rebecca Wat
Three Dimensional Applique by Jodie Davis
More Fabulous Flowers by Sharon K. Barker
Fabled Flowers by Kumiko Sudo
The Art of Manipulating Fabric


  1. Oh my gosh Judy, I'm in love with the Garden Sewing Box! Absolutely stunning, you must be very pleased with them both.

  2. Love them, Judy - just beautiful!

  3. Judy, these are beautiful! I especially love the lines of the garden sewing box.

  4. Judy, these are absolutely fantastic! Love, love them!

  5. Very beautiful pieces, Judy. And your links to other 3D artists was very interesting. Thank you

  6. Lovely, lovely! They must have been so much fun to work on!

  7. They are both fantastic! My favourite is the garden box.