Friday, September 14, 2012

Hurricane Leslie & Stuff !!

This had been quite a week here in the St. John's area. Hurricane Leslie, with a diameter of approximately 800 miles, reached our shores on Tuesday morning. HERE is an interesting video someone posted - it takes a tour of down town St. John's and up to Signal Hill during the storm. Actually, you get a brief glimpse of the colourful row houses in the older part of the city. Most visitors are usually amazed at the vivid colours and tend to look for art and/or souvenirs depicting these houses. Here's several of my card sets that can be found at the Devon House Shop.

We were very fortunate on our street as we only lost the power for about an hour. Others, throughout the city, weren't as lucky. I spent the day in my studio sewing. Since the storm, we have had very warm, sunny weather, which has been quite enjoyable. However, it certainly doesn't put me in the mood to be creative! I have to get busy. Christmas is only a couple of months away and there is so much to do.

Maybe these links will help the creative juices kick in:

We'll start off with a Handmade Fabric Bauble tutorial HERE and another fabric ornament HERE.
Here's a Christmas Stitchery and a Christmas Present Quilt
12 Gifts of Christmas Tutorials might have just the perfect gift
This Christmas Door Stop is a nice idea. Make one for spring, summer and fall too - just change the fabric and the appliqué designs.
Some Knitting Gifts for those evenings when you want to be busy but not doing sewing stuff.

To see links to other Christmas freebies on my blog go HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.


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  1. Glad you are okay after that storm! What a mess!
    I had to laugh at the rest of your email. It sort of describes how I feel slot of the times. I want to do this , and this, and that and that too!!!! Too funny!!! And as usual, you've added MORE links for me to look at!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!