Monday, September 19, 2011

Row Houses, St. John's

It was a beautiful day here is St. John's so I spent the afternoon taking photos of downtown row houses. The Row House theme is frequently used in my textile art. These colourful wooden houses have their roots in the fishing industry. Whenever the ships returned from sea, each captain would search for his house all along the hills. So that they stood out from each other, every house was painted a different vibrant colour. Today, the tradition is still kept. As you go from street to street in the downtown area, you can see every colour imaginable. Even on a foggy, rainy day, the colours help to brighten things up.

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View from the Rooms (photos used for textile piece)
View from the Rooms (textile piece) 

Cruise ship in the harbour.
Taken from the backyard of above green house


  1. LOVE all those photos Judy!
    I only ever visited St. John once - it was in February & I was there for a conference, so only sightseeing was to Signal Hill, but I did enjoy seeing some of those row houses from my hotel window.

  2. Super pictures! I'd love to live in a vibrant blue house if I could.

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