Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Textile Blog / William Morris

I came across The Textile Blog a few days ago. This site is a very comprehensive educational resource for anyone interested in the history of design, decoration and craft. It is easy to navigate. The photos and information are wonderful. You just need the time to explore!

Their latest post is titled the Work of William Morris which refers to some ceramic tile designs by Morris. However, if you go to the subject index, you will find many other articles written about Morris. For example: William Morris and the Snakeshead (Snakeshead was a textile fabric first produced in 1876); William Morris and the Daisy Wallpaper.

Here are some quilts that are inspired by William Morris:
William Morris Quilt Inspiration from Stitching Cow
William Morris Inspired Quilts from The Earthly Paradise
A Quilter & William Morris in Iceland
William Morris and Kelmscott
William Morris Fan Club

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  1. Yes, its just about my favorite blog, almost too much to digest, but I find myself reading back posts often.