Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today was sunny! However, the temperature was nothing to write home about as it was rather cool when the wind blew around the side of the house. Rain is in the forecast for the next week so I took advantage of the sunshine to work in my garden. We are moving our shed so I have to give up a few flower beds. Thankfully, I can transplant some of my larger plants to new beds out front.

I no longer own this landscape but it is still a favorite of mine. It has over a 100 hand embroidered daisies attached to the foreground.

To celebrate gardens, here are a few quilting projects that I found. Enjoy!
Blooming Lovely
Garden Quilt Pattern
Cat & Sunflower
Garden Queen Iris Block
Gossamer Wings Quilt Block
Garden Quilt
Merry Mushrooms    
Butterfly Wreath Tutorial

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