Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fabric Dyeing

Over the years, I have dyed fabrics for various projects. I started out using the Colour Vie Pigment System with Gunnel Hag. In fact, I still use it as it makes the most beautiful skies as you can see in this piece, 'In All Its Glory'.

For some reason, there are two photos of this piece showing up in Internet Explorer! I post in Fire Fox.
I have over dyed commercial fabric to get the right colour for a project. In the long piece, 'Western Brook Gorge', the binding fabric and some fabric used in the mountain range, were done this way. To get the texture I wanted for the mountain, dyed cheese cloth was used, as it is easy to crunch up to give the look of ridges.This sky was also dyed using the Colour Vie Pigment System mentioned above.

For other projects, I have used a variety of fabric paints, paint sticks, stamping inks, premixed fabric dyes, water colour pencils and crayons. I haven't used Ritz dyes yet. I came across a great tutorial on using these dyes that I just might try. It was posted by Vicki Miller, from Australia, called To Dye Another Day. Check it out.


  1. Wow! I just happened to be looking at your blog, 'cos I love landscape so much and when they came up in google reader, I needed a closer look, and look what I see - my name! Thanks for the referral. I have been away from blogging renovating my studio for a week and will most definitely be telling my readers to look at your work tomorrow.

  2. I just finished a post on painting with setacolours then looked at my blog list and there was your post about dyeing. I love the rich shades of blue you achieved with the colour vie pigments.