Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sewing Projects

I have been busy in the studio trying to get ahead of the game by doing production work now instead of in the fall. The embroidery machine has been stitching up a storm making shimmers and wearable art pins. However, I haven't been finishing anything as that will be something to do during the summer while sitting outside.

I've also been searching for sewing projects to have on hand in case I want to do something different. Here's a few to check out:
Have fun checking these out!

Machine and hand embroidery with machine applique basket


  1. Fun things to see once again Judy, thank you (and thank you for the shout out too!). I see several things that I wouldn't mind getting for Mother's Day - or might just go on my list of makes for Christmas.

  2. Very cool stitching. I just love the flowers. Thanks for the links too. I love to see what you search out for us.
    xx, Carol