Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Napkins, Anyone?

If you have an extensive fabric stash, making a few napkins is one way to use up some of that fabric. Christmas before last, my daughter asked for a bunch of them which were quite well received. This year, I decided to add to my napkin stash. We try not to use paper towels as napkins. 

The other night, I rummaged through some boxes of fabric that haven't seen the light of day for awhile and made my selection. After washing and ironing, the cutting began. I have a small stack of ready cut pieces for napkins. It's my go to project for times when I don't need to use up any more brain cells!

I did all mitred corners, which I particularly like and are easy to do. To find out how to make these for yourself, check out my other blog for the tutorial

Here's four napkins that I just finished! They are sort of colour coordinated. In any case, they call for Spring! Aren't you tired of the snow and cold weather! I know I am.

I will try to post on both blogs. The new one is still a challenge as it requires quite a learning curve, but hopefully, before too long, I won't have to ask for assistance. In any case, the old brain is getting a good run for the money, which is a good thing as we get older.

Here's a few non-napkin links for your enjoyment pleasure!





  1. Cloth napkins are on my to do list - someday! Thank you for the amazing links - so much there to inspire.

  2. The fabric patterns are pretty. I can see a nice bib apron in those colors and patterns.