Thursday, July 29, 2021

A Notice!

Please Note

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Not much has been happening in the studio lately! However, I have been busy outside in the garden - we have new landscaping on the front of the property. We put in a new lawn in June with lots of topsoil delivered. Little did we know but the soil had crabgrass seeds which produced lots of the stuff in no time. 75 feet of  weeds instead of a lawn, which, I am pleased to say, have finally been eliminated!  We dug up the last two feet of weeds last night and reseeding has been accomplished! Crabgrass was not an issue in St. John's, NL. In fact, I don't think it even grows there. Nova Scotia has lots of it.

This one is thriving! Lots of mulch to eliminate weeds.

Stay safe and get vaccinated!

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  1. Oh yikes - crabgrass!! That stuff is a curse. I'd be contacting the place where you got the soil and tell them you want a refund.