Friday, January 17, 2020

Snow Happens Update / Mega Storm in Newfoundland

Slow and steady wins the race. Really?? In any case, I have a bit more done to my hand embroidered snowmen. Here's the pieced border that had me say a few choice words over it yesterday.

I have the four sides trimmed and ready to stitch onto the piece.

On another note:

Thinking about my relatives and friends in Newfoundland today with the mega snowstorm playing havoc to the point that the mayor of St. John's declared a state of emergency today. My friend, M, has been keeping me updated on the storm.

To read more about it and to view some video clips, check out CBC HERE .  This weekend is going to be one of digging out for the residents of St. John's and area.

Now for some fun stuff (depending on how you look at it), here's a few links to explore:
  • Mary Corbet's Needle n Thread blog has some free hand embroidery patterns for you to use.
  • DMC has lots of free patterns for hand embroidery.
  • Get a head start on 2020 Christmas by sewing up the Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments at Bugs and Fishes.
  • Inspired by the snow, check out the free pieced and quilted Little Landscape wall hanging. 

1 comment:

  1. I know there would have been more than a few choice words if I were attempting that border. It's very reminiscent of seminole. We've been watching the weather channel a lot and seeing all the video of the storm in Newfoundland - pretty incredible and in many cases quite frightening.