Friday, May 17, 2019

Making Waves

Last evening was the opening of my daughter, Jill Cooper's, art exhibit at the DesBrisay Museum, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

Making Waves - Jill's Artist Statement 

 I grew up on the edge of a fierce ocean. A turbulent, gobble you up in its cold expanse, ocean. Even with their dangers, these rough waters would sparkle, dance in the sun, and entice my 10 year-old self to join them barefoot on the rocky shore, despite the way it instantly numbed my feet from cold, even in the peak of summer. I couldn't stay away.

I'd perch on the shore with my notebooks, filled with cartoon sketches of my versions of Betty and Veronica, my head filled with National Geographic  Articles, and my ocean horizon spoke of possibilities; escape, change, and adventure. A windy, undulating expanse that led to new worlds far away from out tiny fishing village. I found freedom in the sea foam.

It was at the intersection of stone, sea, and sky that the seeds of my obsession to capture waves and women were planted. For me, seeing the connection between women and water was as clear as a blue sky. It's no surprise that these experiences led me to paint a series that reveals their spirits.

Bright and strong. Deep and powerful. Wild and unrelenting. Beautiful and mighty.

Are these features the water or the women? Both, of course.

There is something magical about blending paint so that it captures the translucent aqua of the sun streaked waves, a perfect glint in the eye of a woman who's gaze speaks volumes, and reveals the same energy shining forth from each of them. More than once, while creating this series of amazing women and natural beauty, I've felt the resonance between the two and it has deepened my gratitude for both, while filling me with excitement for the future. Just like those days as a barefoot girl standing in front of an endless ocean.

We are very proud of you, Jill!

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  1. You have every right to be proud Judy! The creative genes obviously flow from mother to daughter.