Monday, November 27, 2017

I Won . . .!

Imagine my surprise a few days ago, to find out that I won the lovely crazy quilted postcard embroidered by Mary Anne at Magpie's Mumblings. The winner was asked to send in their favorite Christmas recipe. My Mom's Dark Fruitcake, posted HERE, is my favorite.

This cake was baked a couple of years ago. Mom always said to smooth out the uncooked batter with a knife dipped in hot water! It didn't help my cake as you can see. However, the cracks didn't affect the taste!


  1. mmmmm - it looks SO good Judy! So glad you won and shared the recipe with us.

  2. Right on. thanks for sharing your recipe. My Mom had a similar recioe that was not written down but I remember it started with boiling.
    and gorgeous yummy tarts Maryanne!