Monday, May 2, 2016

Layout Problem

I've been trying to fix my last blog post so that each one follows the other without having to click on "older post" at the end of the page.  All previous posts just continue as you scroll down. I've tried everything! No luck . . .

Let's see if things what happens when I post this one!
Wish me luck.
If someone has a fix for this, please let me know.
For now, if you want to see the rest of my posts, you will have to click on "older posts"!

Here's some of the Shimmers I've been working on. These will be completed this summer.


  1. HI Judy, I'm no "techie" but I think maybe I can help you with this one... Sign into your blog, then at top right of screen click on "Design." Now on the left, click on "Settings." Then under Settings click on "Posts and Comments." Now under Posts, it should ask you how many posts you want to display on screen.
    Hope that works!

    1. I've already replied to Linda privately. I had already tried her suggestions but nothing worked to have posts show up without clicking on older posts! Might fix itself (maybe).

  2. Hi Judy,
    My suggestion is similar (but different) to Linda's...

    Click on “Layout” (on the left-hand side, under “New Post”)
    On the section that is labelled “Main” (your “Blog Post”/”Blog Post gadget”), click on “edit”.

    Under “Main Page Options”, you should see a box reading “Number of posts on main page”. I wonder if your blog says “1”. If it does, change that number to the number of posts you would like on your home page.

    I like your Shimmers... what do you have planned for them?
    Thank you for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

  3. Thanks, Laurel but already checked that. My number is 500. I'm still stumped. This happened ages ago but the suggested fixes worked!

  4. If you click on your header you see lots of blog posts one after the other. But if you click on the title of a specific blogpost you see only that one and have to go to Older posts to see the rest.AriadnefromGreece.

  5. I'm no help to you on your post issues - I was about to suggest the same idea as Linda. I know on most blogs if I want to see a previous post I have to click on 'Older Post', so you're not alone.