Thursday, February 25, 2016

Iceberg Shimmers

I now have three different Iceberg Shimmer designs completed. Actually, it's a team effort! My husband creates the images in Corel Draw and then they are converted into stitch (in another program) to be used in my embroidery machines. That's the quick explanation. It takes a bit more work than that to get from sketch to stitch.

The middle shimmer was blogged about earlier this month.  The other two shimmers were worked on in between house renovations.

I'm pleased with the results.


  1. If they look this stunning in photos, I can only imagine how they look in person. Beautiful work.

    1. They do look great. Can't you just see them on a tree or hanging in a window!!

  2. I love these icebergs. I'm not sure how you get the designs to work, but they sure are nice. The colors are perfect for icebergs.

  3. Wouldn't it be amazing if the computer screen could do the shimmer justice! I'm sure it's amazing in real life.