Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Trick or Treat!! Cabot Quilt Guild

The Cabot Quilt Guild program committee presented four Halloween projects at the October meeting. Here they are:

The mug rugs are quick and easy. Fusible web and stitching was used.

The table topper spider and web was cut out, fused and stitched to a background. The spider can also be hung in a window.

The triangles for the banner are sandwiched, stitched on two sides, turned to the front (left open at the top). Wide fold over bias tape is used to hold the triangles. The top of the triangles are put between the fold over tape and machine stitched. A knot was tied at the ends. Voila! Ready to hang. Put Christmas / Autumn fabric on one side so that the banner can be used for more than one occasion.

The pumpkins are so simple to make! All you need for the center is a roll of toilet paper and polyester stuffing to go around the toilet roll. A fat quarter can be used for the outside. Put the toilet roll / stuffing in the center of the fabric. Then start with the corners and bring them up over the inside. Stuff and tuck the end into the top of the toilet roll. Continue with the outer three corners. Next, bring the rest of the fabric sides up and tuck in too. For the stem, use a piece of a branch and stick into the toilet roll or roll some fabric and poke that in instead (roll around a length of cardboard to keep it stiff, tuck in one end). Curl some wire for the top and cut out leaves. Glue in place! Simple!  I like the ones with the glitzy fabrics.  After writing all this out, I found the tutorial.

Thanks, ladies for a great program!
Mug Rugs

Table Topper



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  1. those pumpkins are cute! some nice quick Halloween ideas - thanks!